5 Truths You Would Want to Know About Fruit Jams

Information is power. Knowing what you eat is incredibly important to ensure your body receives the appropriate nutrients and allows you to plan a balanced diet. A routine practice of meal planning will ensure that you and your family will be able to enjoy the long term benefits of good health.

One question that comes to mind... Does consuming jam provide any benefits to your body? Some may argue that jam is loaded with sugar, syrup and chemicals that we don't even know how to read. But that's just for the sake of generalization. Not all jams are created using the same methods and certainly not all of them contain the same amount of sugar which could cause detrimental effects your health.

For example, the jams that I incorporate into my meal plans such as Greengage Plum jam or Apricot and Ginger marmalade from Provisions of Central Otago come from a special range of artisan jams and preserves. These jams only use real fruits in their process with no additional colouring or additives. It is certainly a hearty range of jams that retain all the benefits from the all-natural ingredients that they use.

Knowing the right fruit preserve to use will help in your pursuit for a much needed healthier and fuller lifestyle.

The health benefits of a Fruit Jam includes:

1.    Preserves or jams do not contribute additional cholesterol or fat content to your body as compared to other spreads such as butter, margarine or cheese. Abiding by the recommended daily intake can also help to reduce weight loss too.

2.    Usage of fully ripened fruits provides a smorgasbord of nutrients for our body's use.

3.    Daily intake can help to reduce the potential of heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular diseases.

4.    Fruit jams are a great source of energy and fibre. They are also rich in fructose which will helps to curb hunger and makes us feel more satisfied. It is also known to aid in preventing the development of type 2 diabetes.

5.    Fruits that have been subjected to the heating process of jam-making will contain higher levels of modified pectin which will reduce the chances of developing cancer as well as improve the consumer's overall complexion and bodily function.

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